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髪に花を組む Arrange flowers on your hair


昇苑くみひも 昇苑くみひも



Showen Kumihimo

We have our studio in Uji, Kyoto which is known for Byodo-in, Uji-green tea, and as the town of "The Tale of Genji" written by Murasaki Shikibu in the 10th century. We try not only to keep the tradition of "Kyo-Kumihimo", Kyoto cord braiding, but also to respond to the new demands of the present time. We will continue keeping the craftmanship and the beautiful silk luster in our products, and cherish "kumihimo" that has been made through many different connections all over the world.








"st+to" is a design unit by Shizuka Tatsuno(Product designer) and Rika Kawato(Textile Designer). st+to's aim is to bring out the strength and beauty of Japan and introduce it into the world.

【Shizuka Tatsuno】Product Designer
Shizuka Tatsuno was born and raised in Japan. She graduated from the Product and Furniture department of Kingston University London with the first class honor and worked as a designer in a design studio in Tokyo. Her work includes graphic, product, furniture, and space design.

【Rika Kawato】Textile Designer
Rika Kawato was born in Germany and was raised and educated in the Soviet Union, Sweden, Japan and USA. After graduating from the Textile Department of Rhode Island School of Design in 2004, she worked as a textile designer for the automobile industry. She is now based in Tokyo but also works with international clients.